March New Manga: Thriller, Food, and BL Series!

New March Manga Series. MADMEN, Shokudama, Matching Our Answers, and Stairway to Love. Azuki.

Our new manga series for March are here! We’ve got a thriller, a food manga, and two more BL series — available now as part of an Azuki Premium membership! (Free chapters are available too if you’re not Premium yet.) Keep reading for all the news.


By Snowman Notes | Distributed by MediBang

Shin Baredo, a delusional MADMAN arrives at Tomido Citadel to get a job, but is chased by the Brokers instead. He is saved by Suisui, a terrorized female MADMAN, and her family. Will his employment as a MADMEN recruiter under Link Toy Family lead him to a better life? Or will reality betray him once again?

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By Jun Fudo | Distributed by MediBang

Shokudama is set in late Edo, a time when contemporary food culture began to develop. In a city full of merchants and townsmen, Himura Tamanosuke, a freelance guardian handy with a sword, lives frivolously with his two younger siblings. One night, he’s visited by the Souls of Food demanding he help them return to Nirvana… 

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Matching Our Answers

By Hikaru Murayoshi | Distributed by MediBang

On that night he was driven out to the street, Ritsuya met his eternal admiration, Mayato. It was just a short meeting, but these two boys in pain finally found the best comfort on each other, sealing their bond for the years after. But, how would they survive in the world of irresponsible adults?

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Stairway to Love

By Sachi Murakami | Distributed by MediBang

Azumi Sasakawa is a proud bottom that has a side job as gay bar bartender. Currently, he only has a casual relationship with Kashima, a handsome interior designer but his interest is actually a patron from neighbor design office, Tomoki Konno. Tomoki was always a bit anti-social and would not even take the same elevator with other customers, moreover, his weak posture invokes Azumi’s “motherly” instinct. After an unexpected conversation with the little guy, Azumi assumes Tomoki is cold to him because he is homophobic. Until one night, he met with Tomoki again in Kashima’s doorstep… What would happen between these three? “Stairway to Love” is another heartwarming mature “Boys Love” by the fluff goddess Sachi Murakami.

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