🍁 Get Cozy with 5 New Titles Arriving Today on Azuki 🍂

BIKINGS, GUT’S, Paranoia Cage, Otohime Diver, and Tokyo Interstellar Immigration, are available now!

BIKINGS by Jun Fudo

The encounter between Itto Ippongi, A high schooler who blunders no matter what he does, and a road race bike. A genuine cycling road race manga that will light a fire in your heart and make you want to go to the distant Alpe d’Huez has come!!

GUT’S by Jun Fudo

A baseball player obsessed with hitting fastball records speeds joins the tennis team, where balls can fly faster than he’s ever hit them before! Can he rise to the challenge of mastering a different game?

Paranoia Cage by Coolkyousinnjya

A successful manga artist and her dedicated assistant are on a quest to create her magnum opus – the ultimate adult manga! 

Otohime Diver by Okito Endo

Sixteen years after the great hydroseism, nearly the entire world has sunken beneath the seas… but that won’t stop Tatsumiya Minato from following her dream of becoming a high school student at the Enoshima Women’s Ocean Academy! 

Tokyo Interstellar Immigration by Mado Guchimoto

Lein and Ann have a new batch of aliens to deal with, and they come in all shapes and sizes! Whether you’re an illegal snuff show streamer who delights in making the government break their own laws, an off-world assassin who tries to break his murderous streak by becoming father to the human daughter of an old target, or a shrimpy alien girl just trying to make ends meet, the high school duo’s ready to meet the challenges of the day in this bold, bombastic science-fiction stunner!