Announcing a New, Free Way to Unlock More Chapters of your Favorite Manga: Chapter Passes!

Chapter Passes - Free Chapter READ NOW

Anyone with an account on Azuki will be able to unlock two premium chapters of select series every day! Sign up for an account on Azuki for free to immediately start reading. This new feature only applies to our premium chapters marked with ✨, so you’ll be able to read the already free chapters of a series without redeeming your Chapter Passes. The best part? Just log in the next day to receive two new Chapter Passes and you’ll be able to continue exactly where you left off! 

If reading manga on web, please be advised that Chapter Passes will be used automatically upon selecting a premium chapter. Anyone reading on Android/iOS apps will be prompted before the Chapter Pass is redeemed. Some series are not eligible for chapter passes right now, but we are working on it

Enjoy your free chapters! It’s on us. ✨