🍁 Jump into Fall with 4 New Titles Arriving Today on Azuki 🍂

Drifting Net Cafe, The Tenth Prism, Diary of my Daily Failures, and A Tunnel of Spring Rain, some chapters available now!

A Tunnel of Spring Rain by Kei Ginkawa

When his sister passes away, Asahi’s comforted by her former fiancee… but will something more blossom between them beneath the spring rain?

Drifting Net Cafe by Shuzo Oshimi

A man reunites with his first love in a net cafe but the rest of the world disappears around them.

The Tenth Prism by Masahito Soda, Kanaka Mizuki

A young prince must fight to save his kingdom from an invading land with a powerful and mysterious weapon.

Diary of My Daily Failures by Eriko Kobayashi

A bold comic essay from a depression survivor looking back on her life, a comedic but dark self-narrative.