17 Manga Coming in June: DEBORAH IS MY RIVAL; Love Me, My Knight; Hachi/Ritsu; The Mermaid Prince; Flower Demon Door of the Sakaimeya; & More

Coming to Azuki in June: Deborah Is My Rival, The Mermaid Prince, Love Me, My Knight, Ekikoi, Flower Demon Door of the Sakaimeya, Hachi/Ritsu, Another Love Story Between My Trainee and I, Gourmet Glutton, and Summerless.

Azuki’s monthly announcements continue this June with the addition of nine titles with ongoing weekly chapter updates, plus eight one-shots ✨

💓 DEBORAH IS MY RIVAL 💓 by Kaoru Tada

A university student meets the beautiful boy next door, “Deborah”. He asks her to enter a “fake relationship” with him??? Will they end up as more than just friends in this not-so-straight rom-com?

Love Me, My Knightby Kaoru Tada

A normal girl who helps out at her family’s restaurant meets a bad boy in a rock band and ends up at the heart of a love triangle!! Will she stay a good girl or will she go down the path of rock ’n roll??

🗼 Hachi/Ritsu 🗼 by Sanba Maekawa

Hachi & Ritsu were inseparable childhood friends until Hachi began acting strangely. 3 years later, Ritsu follows Hachi to the city… can he successfully confront Hachi and find out his true feelings?

💼 Another Love Story Between My Trainee and I 💼 by Nanameguri

The lovey-dovey salarymen from “A Love Story Between My Boss and I” return in this sequel. Can they overcome a test of their love or will they break up?

🧜‍♂️ The Mermaid Prince 🧜‍♂️ by Yuana Kazumi

A part-time worker in despair meets a beautiful mermaid on a moonlit night who turns into… a human?! Will they fall in love or will their love sink to the bottom of the ocean?

🌸 Flower Demon Door of the Sakaimeya 🌸 by Mako Oikawa

Meet a human in charge of teaching yokai how to peacefully coexist with humans! A feel-good manga about what it truly means to be human. Must-read for fans of Natsume Yuujinchou!

🍖 Gourmet Glutton 🍖 by Shigeru Tsuchiyama

Mantaro Ohara is just a salaryman with a big appetite until a professional introduces him to competitive eating. Can he devour his competition and make a name for himself?

🚅 Ekikoi: The Young Miss Falls for the Station Attendant 🚅 by Betty Nanasato

An innocent high schooler falls for a handsome station attendant. Will her confession go as planned? Why does the attendant seem so different from his usual self?

🦵 SUMMERLESS 🦵 by E.B.D (Education Bureau Director)

It’s only possible to breathe in this world with devices powered by human limbs. A fallen nobleman finds himself making cruel deals to survive.

One-shots: Country Called America, Sammy and Onokoro, Ninja Rookie, The Night of No Return, The Princess’ Circumstances, Memories of the Sand, Playboy, and Interplanetary Intercourse