Gloomy Bear: Apocalyptic Love Claws Its Way to Azuki on April 4

New Manga! Gloomy Bear: Apocalyptic Love by NAZ and Masato Fujisaki. Launches April 4. Azuki: Your digital manga cafe.

Azuki is teaming up with Gloomy Bear to release a new manga one-shot! Gloomy Bear: Apocalyptic Love claws its way to Azuki on April 4. Check out the synopsis below:

A young man and woman have kept keychains as mementos of each other, even after they drifted apart. But one day, when they find themselves under attack by zombies, the keychains come to life to protect them! Can Gloomy Bear and All-Purpose Bunny defeat the zombies and bring the two back together?

📆 READ ON APRIL 4, 2023

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