License Announcement: I Fell for a Fujoshi, Coming February 7

Fans of romance and comedy manga, we’ve got great news! Azuki’s latest exclusive manga series is I Fell for a Fujoshi by Toako! In this shojo series from Comic Elmo (the same magazine as Natsume & Natsume and The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting), a shojo fan tries to win over his clueless crush’s BL-loving heart! Full synopsis below:

When handsome high schooler Ichirou confesses to his childhood friend Tae, he expects a glamorous first love straight out of his favorite shojo manga. But his plan goes awry, and Tae thinks he’s confessing his love for Boys Love manga, not her! Now, to win the heart of this BL-addicted fujoshi, Ichirou will have to feign a passion for all things BL. This unlikely romantic comedy from the same magazine as Natsume & Natsume is full of hilarious misunderstandings and romance tropes gone wrong!


📅 Chapters 1 – 2 coming February 7, 2023

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