Gacha Girls Corps Volume 4, Coming Friday, January 20

Gacha Girls Corps Volume 4. Azuki and Kaiten Books Early Access. Read it first on Azuki. Friday, January 20.

Isekai fans rejoice! Azuki and Kaiten Books are teaming up to bring you another Early Access manga volume: Volume 4 of Gacha Girls Corps. The ebook version goes on sale on January 27 from Kaiten Books, but Azuki Premium members can read it as part of their subscription starting next Friday, January 20.

By rolling gacha in another world, Heihachi has pulled two busted UR characters. But when they encounter enemies who are even more busted, their adventure could turn out to be a bust. So Heihachi busts out his phone and pulls the busty priest Shisuha with a 33-Roll Pick Up Gacha. Unlike his previous two UR characters, Shisuha is a beautiful, kind older girl… or is she? It’s time to go wild in another world with a party that’s out of this world!

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