BLITZ and Zombie Makeout Club, Coming November 9

New Series! Azuki. BLITZ and Zombie Makeout Club.

Next Wednesday, November 9 you’ll have two brand-new series to read on Azuki: BLITZ and Zombie Makeout Club from manga and comics publisher ABLAZE (the folks who brought you Crueler Than Dead and Cagaster).

BLITZ: Welcome to the world of 🔥♟CHESS♟🔥 This shonen manga follows a high school student who enters the competitive world of chess! If you’re into action manga with a strategy game twist, look no further!

Zombie Makeout Club: Life?? After 🥀⚰️ DEATH ⚰️🥀 has never been this chaotic. The popular webtoon series Zombie Makeout Club is coming to Azuki!! After unaliving, a rebellious teen is brought back to life. Can she find out why she was resurrected?

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