New Chapters of School Rumble, Peach Girl, Kakushigoto, and Again!! Now Available

It’s Thursday and that means new catalog chapters! Read new chapters for four series below.

School Rumble

Fall in love with three more chapters of this zany, fan-favorite high school romantic comedy.

Peach Girl

The high drama continues in three new chapters of this bittersweet shojo manga classic.

Kakushigoto: My Dad’s Secret Ambition

A raunchy manga artist his job a secret from his daughter in three more chapters of this Koji Kumeta series.


Drama, comedy, and more in three new chapters of this time-traveling high school story from Yuri!!! on Ice’s Mitsurou Kubo.

A list of new chapters for series like EDENS ZERO, To Your Eternity, and A Sign of Affection with release dates.

New Feature: Release Calendar (Beta)

If you’ve been trying to keep track of when new chapters go up on Azuki, you’re in luck! We just launched a new Release Calendar on the website to show what’s been released recently and what‘s coming soon. It’s still in beta and more features are planned in the future, so if you have feedback please let us know via our support portal!

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