New Year, New Chapters! Black Panther and Sweet 16, School Rumble, and More

New Chapter Releases! Available Now. Black Panther and Sweet 16 Chapters 1 to 8. School Rumble Chapters 165 to 203e. Beware the Kamiki Brothers! Chapters 9 to 20. Peach Girl Chapters 17 to 28b. Azuki

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Did you read a lot of manga during winter break? We sure did! If you’re looking for new stuff to read, we’ve got you covered with additional chapters from four series (including one that’s making its Azuki debut) and a bunch of brand-new simulpub chapters straight from Japan. Start 2022 on the right foot with new manga from Azuki!

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Black Panther and Sweet 16: Taiga, a teenage girl with a complex about her aggressive nature, lends a drink to a boy, but he ends up stealing a kiss! Then, after she transfers to a new school, that boy, Anri Iseya, comes up to her and declares, “I’ll be yer pet … “?! This dangerous mission between a black beast and a strong-willed 16-year-old begins now!


School Rumble: The school’s most notorious juvenile delinquent is in love, but his crush likes someone else! Life changing obsessions, colossal foulups, grand schemes, deep-seated anxieties, and raging hormones — School Rumble portrays high school as it really is: over-the-top comedy!


Beware the Kamiki Brothers! Iroha moves in with her new step-brothers: the cute younger brother and the very mean (but very hot) older brother. Cohabitation has never been so heart-poundingly exciting!


Peach Girl: While everyone thinks that Momo is a wild party girl, the reality is that she is shy and honest. Can Momo confess her love to her classmate Toji, or will her best friend Sae steal him away? Miwa Ueda’s ‘90s shojo megahit!

Simulpub Update

The latest chapters straight from Japan for Premium members!

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