Weekly New Manga: Shugo Chara, School Rumble, and More!

Welcome back to your weekly manga update! We’ve got new chapters of four series across a wide range of genres, plus a whole pile of new simulpub chapters for you. Check em out!

New Catalog Chapters

Shugo Chara: A magical girl fan favorite! With the help of her Guardian Characters, angel-like beings who can give her the power to be someone new, Amu is about to discover that her true self is even more amazing than she ever dreamed.

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School Rumble: The classic, over-the-top high school romantic comedy full of life-changing obsessions, colossal foul-ups, grand schemes, deep-seated anxieties, and raging hormones.

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Cage of Eden: Akira Sengoku and his classmates try to survive on an island full of deadly prehistoric creatures.

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Love Massage: Melting Beauty Treatment: A sexy story of a single office worker and a handsome masseur who fall in love!

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Simulpub Update!

Grand Blue Dreaming Chapter 73

EDENS ZERO Chapter 166

UQ HOLDER! Chapter 189

The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse Chapter 39

To Your Eternity Chapter 151.3

Shangri-La Frontier Chapter 64

The Heroic Legend of Arslan Chapter 100

Drifting Dragons Chapter 65